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Here’s what you need to know about Hype, based
on the questions we get asked the most.

Is Hype interoperable between Android and iOS?

Android and iOS can communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy and Infrastructure Wi-Fi.

Is Hype always looking for other devices on the network?

The SDK allows the developer to specify when to be looking for nearby devices. When running, the SDK is constantly scanning the network, and notifications are issued as the devices pop in and out of the network.

Does Hype support background execution?

Partially. On iOS, only Bluetooth Low Energy works on the background. On Android both Bluetooth Low Energy and Infrastructure Wi-Fi have full support.

What happens if the user does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on?

The SDK will use whatever transports are available. It can use the Internet, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi Direct and Infrastructure Wi-Fi on mobile devices. If neither is available, the SDK will fail to start with an error message. In these cases, the recommended approach is to notify the user and recommend turning some transports on.

Will it ever work without Bluetooth with iOS on the background?

The background requirements are imposed by the operating system; in this case, only Apple can make such a decision.

What IDEs are supported by the SDK?

The SDK is agnostic to the IDE being used, so it will work in major IDEs without problems. Reach out to us in case you run into trouble.

When is an Internet connection required for running the mesh network?

The Hype SDK uses digital certificates to provide devices with identification and authorization to access the network. The devices need access to the Internet when the devices don’t have such a certificate or the existing one has expired. The apps can be in either Development or Production mode, which influence the certification periods in different ways. In Development Mode the device must be connected to the Internet at least once a day. On the other hand, when in Production Mode the digital certificates expire at the end of each month, although the certification period will be configurable in a near future. Other than for requesting digital certificates, the mesh network works without Internet connectivity at all.

How much battery is drained by Hype?

There’s no right answer to this question, rather some observations. It’s normal for this technology to drain a little more battery than it would if the device wasn’t always looking for nearby devices. Still, the battery drainage doesn’t happen at a fast rate. That also depends on the type of transport that is chosen. Some transports such as BLE drain very little battery. On the other hand WiFi will have a greater impact. Still very little. Also, there are several features planned that improve on battery drainage.

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The HypeSDK creates peer-to-peer secure mesh networks between nearby devices, even without Internet.