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Lavu is a mobile point-of-sale and order management system for restaurants and bars.

Orders can’t be synced with the kitchen and waiters must go back to pen & paper and payments can only happen in cash – to prevent operations to fall into chaos.

Using HypeSDK, Lavu’s team was able to be up & running in a couple weeks, saving years in research and developments: all data is safe and securely transmitted using HypeLabs – and their customers can keep running their businesses smoothly, without network issues.



OkDetect is a mobile application created with the purpose of helping healthcare and government authorities contain the spread of COVID-19.

It leverages HypeLabs’ technology for anonymously tracking users and provide health alerts in case of high infection risk. HypeSDK allowed developers to quickly build and launch a production-ready solution without the need for extensive research.

Government and healthcare institutions around the world are already using it for effectively curbing the spread of the virus.



Spaceteam is a local multiplayer gaming app with over 10 million players worldwide. One critical challenge faced by the developers was to build and maintain a stable networking module for local offline multiplayer. The unstable network module degraded the user experience of the game and decreased the user retention rate.

Existing networking libraries had limited functionalities:
– no interoperability between iOS and Android
– no support for multiple wireless technologies
– limited number of devices that could be connected offline.

With HypeLabs, Spaceteam can now provide seamless user experience without allocating additional resources and time to build and mantain a networking library by themselves.
Now, they focus on things that they are good at – building games – and not worrying about networking problems.

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